Omron M2 blood pressure monitor


If you aren’t price sensitive, Omron may be the brand for you. This home blood pressure monitor comes with fewer accessories than the VitalTrack, but offer a more generalist approach to the format. It offers good overall quality from trusted brand. Omron have been in the business for a long time and produce some of the highest grade hospital equipment you can find.  The M2 is a great home monitor but the cuff does have a tendency to come loose unless fitted perfectly.

Excellent marks for accuracy. While the accuracy wasn’t quite as good as the VitalTrack, the overall measurements matched the hospital grade machine we’ve been testing against quite well. They are a little more expensive, but you are paying for the brand name.  It has simple but nice look to it with an easy to understand LCD screen.

There are real strengths and weaknesses to the Omron M2. It has plenty great accuracy, but lacks an updated chipset some of the other monitors provide.  It’s a fairly small machine, so portability as already mentioned is great.  We do feel the cuff could be a bit easier to use, as it does need postioning in a very precise position on the upper arm to get a solid reading.

While we feel Omron are indeed a great brand, the M2 is a great option but lacks a few features some of the other monitors provide.  The Omrons also need calibrating every two years to keep their devices precise, which can be a pain considering this is an extra cost to factor in