Microlife WatchBP


Microlife UB build on the iconic blue design with a slightly new shape and capabilities along with a new stretch cuff that in theory will keep it secure when moving about. Unfortunately, these added features only manage to bring Microlife in line with competitors, not above them. And whilst other products operate perfectly without the need for a mobile device to be connected via bluetooth, Microlife require it and many users simply feel this is overcomplicating the situation.

Iconic blue design from Microlife, As well as giving blood pressure readouts, this daily blood pressure monitor issues risk factor warnings. It is able to detect high blood pressure and AFIB, and features an animated alert to remind patients if they need to visit a GP.  Atrial fibrillation – shortened to AFIB – is a heart condition where the heart rate becomes irregular and sometimes very fast. While a normal heart rate sits between 60 and 100 bpm, the heart rate of those suffering from AFIB can be much greater than 100bpm. It is caused by abnormal contractions of the atria, which prevent the heart muscle from relaxing properly between contractions.

Out of all our monitors in the list this was the most tricky.  Spending a little bit of time reading the manual is ofcourse always a good idea.  The monitor actually takes three readings automatically and provides you the average reading at the end.  Be warned though, this requires the user to sit completely still, otherwise the readings will be off.

A bit more expensive but has a few more features.  We feel Microlife deserves its higher price tag if you are looking for these extra options.  For the most part though, the average user will not require them which is the reason the Microlife is lower in our list.