A&D Medical UA 1020


A&D has delved into the home blood pressure monitors category by focusing on bluetooth. And while the UA-1020 is an excellent first product, it suffers from an aging Bluetooth chipset and mediocre battery life, costing A&D a higher position in our list.  Great accuracy that comes at a cost. While A&D has engineered a product that is indeed worthy for home use, it does come at a cost. Reduced battery life and Bluetooth 4.1 instead of 5.0 hurt the product and age it to the first generation of monitors.  Comes with huge array of options. You’re able to hook your mobile device up to this monitor and tinker with the myriad of settings available.  It’s handy to look back at the saved measurements but setting up can be a little tasking, especially if you’re not used to pairing devices to your phone and network.  If this is something you enjoy doing then the benefits are fantastic and can trump most on this list.

Built for home use. While A&D are known worldwide for their outstanding medical equipment, their folly into home based readers is a relatively new one.  Whilst touted as for home use we do recommend a professional to set this device up as it’s not always clear when pairing your devices.  The design is simple and effective, but hasn’t been updated in the past ten years.

Simple to use and easy to read – that’s exactly what you want, right?  The A&D scores top marks in this department and we found it fantastic to use.  It would be especially appropriate for someone in the older age range.

Great value from a big trusted brand.  Many times we’ve seen this device on offer (usually with 25% off) so it may be worth waiting until there’s a discount as they do come and go.